Tennis Clinics

Our adult tennis clinics are designed for all skill levels so all players have the opportunity to learn new skills. Tennis clinics are taught by 2 USPTA instructors.

  • Beginner Players learn the fundamental strokes, grips, and footwork of tennis through drills. Skills taught include: forehand, backhand, volleys, serve and match play.
  • Intermediate Players focus on perfecting consistency in strokes, footwork and structuring points while incorporating movement in situational drills and match play.
  • Advanced Players focus on developing a weapon, outstanding consistency, hitting dependable shots under stress, and improving anticipation and agility.


Mondays 9:30am at Epworth Park – Beginner Cardio Tennis
Tuesdays 8:30am at Epworth Park – Tennis Clinic
Thursdays 10:30am at Epworth Park – Live Ball & Match Play